From our brand new base in Avdira (or Abdera) you can easily explore the coastline of Thrace, the islands in the Thracian Sea and the islands of the northern Aegean Sea. In just 7 days you may easily explore the islands of Thassos, Samothrace and Lemnos. You may also sail the area for 14 days in order to reach the coastline of the gorgeous Chalkidiki. As in most greek destinations you will have the opportunity to meet the ancient greek civilization in many locations. Even our base in Avdira is next to an important Archaeological Site. The winds in the area are not so strong, there are not Meltemi winds here in contrast with the southern Aegean Sea. Most of the locations are not busy even in summer months! But there is a sailing infrastructure and It is really easy to find a berth in most marinas.


7 days suggested itinerary

Day 1: Departure from Avdira. Sailing trip to Kamariotissa, Samothrace

Day 2: A full day in Samothrace

Day 3: Departure from Samothrace to Lemnos

Day 4: A full day in Lemnos

Day 5: Departure from Lemnos to Limenaria, Thassos

Day 6: A full day in Limenaria, Thassos

Day 7: Exploration of Thassos. Sail off the island, visit the bays for cool dips. Departure and return to the port of Avdira.

14 days suggested itinerary

Day 1: Departure from Avdira. Sailing trip to Kamariotissa, Samothrace
Day 2: A full day in Samothrace
Day 3: Sailing towards Lemnos
Day 4: A full day in Lemnos
Day 5: Departure from Lemnos to Porto Koufo, Chalkidiki
Day 6: Sailing to Nikiti through Porto Carra and Marmara (Chalkidiki)
Day 7: Departure for Panagia bay exploring the island of Diaporo and Voutvourou
Day 8: Sailing from Panagia bay to the village of Pyrgadikia
Day 9: Departure to Ammouliani island or Ouranoupolis
Day 10: Sailing from Ammouliani to Thassos (Limenaria)
Day 11: Sailing excursion to nearby beaches (Potos, Mines, Tripiti)
Day 12: Departure from Limenaria, with a stop in the wonderful bay of Aliki
Day 13: A full day in Thassos. Exploring and sailing off the island
Day 14: Return to Avdira